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Fox Tech Mock Trial Participants give an Oustanding and Impressive Presentation!

The Fox Tech Mock Trial Team with the Honorable Judge Jason Pulliam (center), Attorney Joe Hinojosa (left), Ms. Jennifer Casanova (right) and Mr. Willie Garza (far left)


December 2023 marked another successful Mock Trial by the students and staff of the Fox Tech High School Law Professions Magnet. The Mock Trial has become a yearly tradition for approximately 26 years. Each year the Junior class competes against the Senior class at the venerable United States Federal Courthouse. It is important to note that this mock trial was established by members Ted Lee and Judge Edward Prado of the Federal Courts Committee.

Attorney Joe Hinojosa, Mr. WillieGarza,The Honorable Judge Jason Pulliam, and Ms. Jennifer Casanova

Presiding over the trial, once again, was the Honorable U.S. District Judge Jason Pulliam, who took time out of his extremel busy schedule to volunteer and provide the students with real-world trial tips and techniques.

The trial included a team of prosecutors and civil defense attorneys, two court sketch artists, and a jury made up of former students and guests.

We were happy to work with the dedicated educators that teach the students all year round. Most notably, Ms. Jennifer Casanova, who heads up the mock trial program at Fox Tech, and teacher, Mr. Willie Garza. Every year, these amazng educators bring well-prepared students to compete in this exciting mock trial tradition.

2023 Winning Sketch by a Fox Tech Magnet student depicts counsel for both sides.

This year, the Mock Trial held a competition for the best courtroom sketch. Courtroom Sketch Artists were asked to depict the proceedings in the mock court of law. When the use of cameras are prohibited in courtrooms, sketch artists are asked to illustrate proceedings.

It was difficult to pick a winner among

Sketch by a Fox Tech Magnet student catches the mood of the courtroom's unfolding drama.

the two sketches. Judge for yourself!

Mr. Joe Hinojosa, with our firm, was also present to provide some input to the students and was very impressed with the performance by all the students competing.

Plaintiff's Attorney Questioning a Witness

Thank you to all who made this event so memorable for all participants, including Clerk of Court Phillip J. Devlin, Judge Pulliam’s court staff, and the Court Security Officers. We would like to especially thank Ms. Kim Nguyen, Divisional Manager of the Federal Courthouse and Nidia Hinojosa (with our Firm), for all their help with the reception after the trial.

We look forward to seeing the class of 2024 at next year’s Federal Courts Committee essay competition, which has been providing scholarships to students at Fox Tech High School for the last twenty years!

Prosecution team and Civil Defense team during trial.

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