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Protecting Your Rights For Condemnation And Eminent Domain Issues In Texas

The skilled eminent domain lawyers of Barkhurst & Hinojosa, P.C., are aggressive advocates for landowners in Texas whose property is subject to a government "taking."

Our San Antonio attorneys have successfully handled landowner property rights and eminent domain cases in central and south Texas during the over 40 years of their combined experience.

We explain, clearly and fully, your property rights and the importance of the eminent domain legal process to you, from the negotiations and offer stage, to the filing of the condemnation petition, to the special commissioners' hearing, to a trial and appeal if necessary.


From moment one in the process, we determine the legitimacy of the taking and research the value of your land in order to obtain just compensation for you, in the event that a taking is inevitable and cannot be prevented.

Over 40 Years Of Combined Experience With Texas Eminent Domain Matters

Are you facing an eminent domain action that would deprive you of the use of your land? Are you concerned that you may not receive fair compensation for the loss or damage to your property? Are you considering an appeal that could overturn a previous outcome?

You may feel that the condemning authority has undervalued your property or that the taking of your land is not for a necessary public purpose. This is where our experienced condemnation law firm can help.

Contact Barkhurst & Hinojosa, P.C., Condemnation Law Attorneys

Known throughout the region for our condemnation and litigation experience, as well as outstanding appellate work, we are dedicated to resolving matters for the clients we serve, whether at the negotiating table or the courtroom.

Your free initial consultation with Barkhurst & Hinojosa, P.C., can be arranged by phone at 210-226-7800 or by e-mail message.

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