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Your Property Rights And Legal Options In Texas

At the Barkhurst & Hinojosa, P.C., law firm in San Antonio, we inform condemnation and eminent domain clients of their rights, in accordance with state law, and legal options that increase their chances of keeping their land.

Never assume that the entity that takes your land will observe your rights as a Texas landowner. Likewise, do not assume that the offer you receive is truly just and adequate compensation as required by the Texas Constitution.

Our combined over 40 years of experience have shown us how to identify offers made by condemning authorities, and know how to obtain appraisals that are more in line with landowner needs. We pursue eminent domain cases through all phases of the condemnation process, to make sure that you receive the correct amount of money for your property.

Dedicated, Committed Eminent Domain Litigation Lawyers For Texas Clients


Is the government taking your land? Barkhurst & Hinojosa, P.C., protects client property rights that include:

  • The right to just compensation for property taken for public use

  • Proper notification about the condemnation

  • The need for a written appraisal from a certified appraiser and purchase offer prior to the filing of a condemnation petition

  • The right to obtain your own appraiser or other experts, if necessary, for accurate valuation of your land

  • Representation at a special commissioners' hearing by a competent and qualified condemnation attorney

  • The right to trial by jury or judge if the award offered is considered insufficient or below market value

Contact us if your property is being threatened by a government taking. Arrange a free initial consultation by calling 210-226-7800 or sending an e-mail message.

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