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Experienced Texas Eminent Domain Lawyers Safeguarding Your Interests For Commissioner's Hearings

If your property is in danger of a government taking in Texas, through the condemnation and eminent domain legal process, the special commissioners' hearing is the first — and sometimes final — formal step in the process. And the panel you face is often an unsympathetic audience.

If a fair settlement cannot be reached, three landowners are appointed as special commissioners whose roles are to conduct a hearing that determines a fair amount of compensation for the taking of your land. The commissioners will set a hearing date and issue an award of compensation, which may be appealed.

At Barkhurst & Hinojosa, P.C., our condemnation and eminent domain lawyers use their over 40 years of combined experience to research and present the best witnesses and evidence in order to convince the commissioners to award the maximum compensation for your land.

Protecting Your Land Rights, And The Right To Just Compensation

In the event that a dispute lies not in the amount of compensation, but with the validity of a condemnation, we can aggressively challenge the "right to take" with the court at trial. It could be that the condemning entity lacks the power of eminent domain, or the project being proposed is not for a necessary public project. Whatever the circumstances, our attorneys are fully prepared to proceed to ensure that only a legitimate exercise of eminent domain authority may be asserted against your property rights.

Contact Barkhurst & Hinojosa, P.C., in San Antonio to arrange a free initial consultation and discuss your legal options at 210-226-7800. We welcome your e-mail message and will respond promptly to it.

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