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Practice Areas

Our lawyers have successfully handled landowner property rights and eminent domain cases in central and south Texas over over 40 years.  We will clearly and fully explain your property rights and the importance of the eminent domain legal process to you.

Our lawyers prosecute and defend consumer and commercial claims on behalf of corporations, partnerships, shareholders and other business entities; and by and between owners of business entities, including breach of fiduciary duty, derivative actions and breach of contract.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the areas of will contests, breaches of fiduciary duty with regard to the management and administration of trusts and estates, objections to accounts, will and trust interpretation, powers of attorney, guardianship, heirship, declaratory judgments, interpleader actions, fees disputes, and removal actions, among other litigation matters.

Our lawyers have led appeals on the merits in many types of civil cases, and we have handled venue and jurisdictional appeals, injunction appeals, governmental and public official immunity appeals, mandamus, and petitions for the Texas Supreme Court review and briefing on the merits before the Texas Supreme court.

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